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About us

Hungarian gastronomy is full of possibilities, and from the very start we have felt that showcasing it in all its beauty and diversity is of the utmost importance. This is what we strived at our previous restaurants, as well as at the Bocuse D’Or, and now at our own restaurants at Stand25 and Stand. The very same precision, accuracy and elegance that we go about our work at our own restaurants as well. We place great emphasis on sustainable development, terroir, working together with Hungarian producers and, most importantly, taste and flavours. Our menu attempts to primarily reflect the possibilities afforded by Hungarian ingredients, showcasing our notion of Hungarian cuisine, while ensuring that it meets all the expectations of modern times and contemporary gastronomy. We offer simple, well-thought-out dishes, focusing on balanced flavours and harmonising ingredients.

We make no compromises in terms of quality but, at the same time, our goal is for guests to have a long-lasting experience in a comfortable and tranquil environment. Our kitchen is a place of dynamic and passionate work, and our dishes are presented without pomp and circumstance, accompanied by the very best Hungarian and European wines.

Several members of our young and highly committed team have been working with us for years. Having a common journey and goal is crucial, as this is the only way we can provide our guests with the most comprehensive experience possible. We are very glad and proud, that we got our first Michelin star just 9 months after the opening, and in 2022 Michelin Guide rewarded us with two stars.


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