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Bocuse d’Or

One of the most important mission of Bocuse d’Or is to give inspiration and to show the way for restaurants all around the world. Products, technologies and methods that we see at Bocuse d’Or are not just made for these contests. But it’s very rare that you can enjoy a meal that was previously made for the jury of Bocuse d’Or.

Tamás Széll is the most successful Bocuse d’Or candidate of all time in Central-Europe. For him it was very important from the first moment to show the world what he thinks about Gulyás, one of the most traditional Hungarian dish, adjusted to the Bocuse d’Or philosphy. This Gulyás made history and became a signature dish for our chefs, and it’s still on the menu of Stand and Stand25 Bistro.

The European Selection in 2016 that was held in Budapest was a serious milestone for the whole Hungarian gastronomy. Team Hungary with Tamás Széll as a candidate and Szabina Szulló as a president showed Europe that Hungarian gastronomy was strong enough to win the frist prize. Of course, an excellent Hungarian product and an unforgettable sterlet dish was needed for this win. And now guests of Stand can enjoy this sterlet in the Bocuse d’Or version.

But this is not the end of the common story of our restaurant and Bocuse d’Or. In 2022 our sous chef, Bence Dalnoki won the silver statue at the European Selection of Bocuse d’Or that took place again in Budapest. The other members of the Hungarian team also represent our restaurant, Szabina Szulló is the president, Tamás Széll is the coach and Patrik Nyikos is the commis of the team that finally came home from the Lyon Grand Final with the bronze statue. For now this is the biggest Hungarian Bocuse d'Or success of all time.

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