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Join our team!

Our staff makes up a community that we rightfully call a second family. We spend a great deal of time together, we inspire one another, think and work together in order to offer the very best day after day. There is no shortage of tasks, which means that we welcome any talented, committed, motivated, energetic and, last but not least, humble professionals who would be glad to join.

If you're looking to apply to the Service or Administration Department, please write to

If you feel your place is in the sommelier team, send your application to

If the kitchen team is your choice, write to us at

Current vacancy:

  • patisserie chef
  • cook
  • waiter


The Stand kitchen is a workshop that always welcomes young chefs hungry for experience and know-how. Our restaurant offers a 4-week staging programme, to be reserved at least three months before the start date. Send applications to

Please also attach a brief summary of your motivations and on how you would like to profit from the time you spend with us. We are only looking for applications from chefs and cooks with relevant professional and kitchen experience.

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